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For those of you who do not have this kind of connection and sensitivity opened up yet with the Holy Spirit, simply go to God the Father in sincere and heartfelt prayer and ask Him to open up this realm for you. Over the course of time, the Holy Spirit will then start to move in your life in many different ways and in many different circumstances so you can learn how to pick Him up and read Him when He does start to try and communicate with you.

This is something you will have to learn by trial and error — but it can be learned! You can learn how to be led by the Holy Spirit. Until that happens, just analyze each prayer situation that may come across your path and do the best you can to decide if you should step into the gap to pray for another person. If you see a situation that you would really like to give a try, do not be afraid to jump right in and go full force with God the Father. Another thing that will occur in this realm is that the Holy Spirit Himself will all of a sudden come up on you and prompt you to want to step into the gap for another person or possibly a particular situation.

A prayer burden is a manifestation that will come directly from Him. When it comes in on you, you will know it. Sometimes He will tell you who or what you are to pray for, other times He will not. What you do in these types of situations is be guided by Him as to when to pray and how long to pray. You may end up praying just once or twice for a short period of time and that will be it. Other times He may have you stay with a particular prayer assignment for some length of time before He will officially release you from it. This length of time could be a matter of days, weeks, or possibly months depending on the severity of the situation you may be dealing with.

If someone is dying of cancer, and God is wanting to heal that person, but He is looking for a more prevailing type of prayer before He will release His healing power into the situation, you may have to stay with it until the healing is manifested by the Lord, no matter how long that may take. I cannot stress enough how powerful this particular realm is where the Holy Spirit Himself will be the One to initiate you stepping into the gap for another person. With the Holy Spirit being God and Lord Himself, He can perfectly see into the future and whether or not someone has an unexpected tragedy about ready to hit them full force.

In that testimony, a woman was prompted by the Holy Spirit right in the middle of Home Depot to go into the gap for her husband. Her husband was just about ready to have a man walk into his office and shoot him dead in cold blood. Since this woman already knew how to do this with the Lord, she immediately went into the gap for her husband and properly prayed to God the Father to stop the impending tragedy. But had she not been open or willing to be used by the Lord for this kind of immediate emergency, she could have easily lost her husband that day, along with the man who was going to kill him.

She later found out that this person was also going to kill himself after he had killed her husband. I wonder how many Christians have gone home too early because God could not find anyone close to their situation and circumstance to stand in the gap for them as this woman did in the middle of Home Depot for her husband? The first two verses mentioned at the top of this article are telling us that there are times that God may be looking for intercessors to step into the gap to stop an impending tragedy, but at times He may not be able to find any.

So not only can the Holy Spirit give you prayer assignments that will help save other people, but He may also give you a prayer assignment that will be on someone that may be very close to you — like a spouse, one of your children, one of your parents or other siblings, or possibly one of your own close, personal friends.

When God tells us in the first two verses mentioned above that He is actually looking for people who are willing to intercede for others, you know we are talking about a major and powerful, prayer secret. When you are willing to sacrifice a part of yourself and a part of your time — when you are willing to put forth some quality time and energy on behalf of another in your prayer closet with the Lord for something they may really need with Him — I believe God really gets touched and moved when He sees this kind of an unselfish act.

And being able to touch and move God in this way may just be the thing that will get Him to want to answer the intercessory prayer! For those of you who are really looking to advance in your spiritual walk with the Lord, open yourself up to Him and let Him know that you will be willing to step into the gap for another person — no matter who that person may be, no matter where that person may live, and no matter what kind of danger is getting ready to hit that person.

If you let God know that you really want to tread into these kinds of deeper waters with Him, then He will take you very seriously and He will then start to guide you further into this realm through the Holy Spirit. And this is the kind of activity that will be highly rewarded by God once you enter into heaven and He rewards you for the different kinds of works and labors that you did for Him in this life.

Read below or add a comment During the last year and a half, I have starting growing in intercessory prayer and learning how to here His voice. Today, I clearly heard Him call me to do this. Thank you for this message about prayer and prayer burdens. I needed to read it at this time and it spurs me on to be committed to praying for at least 40 days, maybe longer until He releases the assignment. Your articles on the 13 steps of prayer on Intercessory Prayer, and standing in the gap really was a blessing for me.

Now I will apply this to my life along with the Word of God, and I know I will see results, of God manifestation in my prayer life. I already see result, but this will make life so much better. Now I know it will not be me, but God working through me.

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I bless God for this message. Learning how to hear the holy spirit. The article is helpful knowing he will direct my actions. Thank you so much. The Lord has been teaching me more and more about intercessory prayer. At times my flesh says no one wants to connect with you, no one on this planet. Please pray that God the Father will connect me to people of like spirits.

There is power in unity. Praying continually for all of you. Bless you, I first thank you for such good information ,on how to interceed,My question is when I look in my family men the do not beleive to God ,they are angry, hopeless, doing nothing for themselves. I confess the Word all the time, it is only my siater son thath we pray together ,whwn he visits ,but they mock him. The question is how to get answers I am praying for my 30 yr old son who disabled,too floppy to sit, he was born with clubfeet whenwhen he went for surgery called bilateral release ,he picked the virus,the virus in theater, I am still praying but how ,what is it that i am not doing ,inSouth Africa.

Hi, Excellent work on intercessory prayer. We can also do this kind intercession in tongues. Likewise the Spirit also helps our infirmities, for we know not what we should pray for as we ought; but the Spirit itself makes intercession for us… and Jude But ye beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit. My videos start at , and currently go to Videos have blank screens, because they are being redone, but you can still listen to powerful teachings, warnings, and prophecy through interpretation of tongues.

God Bless. Thank you so much for this article, I have found it very i really struggle with keeping focused, God bless your ministry and your life, Rosemary. Oh dear I should have checked it, I meant to say…I have found it very helpful as I really struggle with keeping focused. Thank you. As l sat here, l have been thinking about how to get help for my daughter. Thank God. I will go on my knees and intercess. It was exactly the answer I was waiting for. What a coincidence. About Us All Our Articles.

By: Michael Bradley. Last updated on: December 27, The Scripture Verses All three of these verses are from the Old Testament, but each one of these verses will still apply to every single, New Testament, born-again believer. When God the Father is telling us that He is actually looking for intercessors — then you know that this is something that He wants all of us to learn how to do with Him. For those of you who have established this kind of good, personal connection with the Holy Spirit, you really have to learn how to rely on His guidance and His leadings on these types of situations.

I believe one of the reasons that this particular prayer secret is so powerful with the Lord is because it is such an unselfish act. Think about it—how much more converted was his mind than yours? Wherefore should the Egyptians speak, and say, For mischief did he bring them out, to slay them in the mountains, and to consume them from the face of the earth?

Illustrating God’s Government

Turn from thy fierce wrath, and repent of this evil against thy people. An eloquent speech, for a man speaking to the Creator God! Learn from his example. It was before Jesus Christ assumed the job of High Priest. Perhaps Moses really did help God see a different perspective here!

Might God be moved by your perspective, as you passionately intercede for a brother or sister struggling through a trial? Is it possible that your intercessory prayers could touch the great God, and enlarge His thinking? What a tremendous example of answered intercessory prayer. It saved the nation! They were still thoroughly caught up in their debauchery. But what would have happened if Moses had thought that way? With intercessory prayer, it does not matter whether the person is repentant or not. God is still moved by your attitude of forgiveness and compassion.

How natural it is for us, when we see someone doing something wrong and then suffering the consequences, to want to remain hands-off. Or worse, we feel they had it coming to them. But God wants us to learn instead to take a sense of personal responsibility. He wants us to mature spiritually to the point where we begin to take on His empathy.

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How much does God have to extend compassion and mercy to people who disappoint Him time and again? Consider His perspective of the world today. He aches for His future Family—all of His passion and deepest feelings are tied up in this plan for humankind. Yet what a catalog of tragedy He witnesses all the time! Even among His Spirit-begotten children, 95 percent are rebelling against Him in this end time. And even within His faithful remnant, how often we ourselves can disappoint our Father!

Yet what compassion, what mercy, what patience, He has with us, to keep coming back and forgiving, and blessing and loving us—even when we fail to meet His standards. Not that He ever lowers His standards, but none of us could say we have borne the full measure of punishment for our weaknesses, sins and failures. It only makes sense that God wants us to become more like Him by developing an increasing measure of His patience, compassion and mercy.

Daily, heartfelt intercessory prayer is one of the most powerful ways to do that. We need to learn to become big enough to pray even for the person who is hurting us. Numbers 16 contains another truly remarkable example of intercession. Moses told Korah and the men with him that God would show them with whom He was working. You would think that the rest of the nation would have been convicted by this display—realizing that God truly did back Moses.

But, astoundingly, the people blamed Moses! God was furious! And He immediately started a lethal, fast-spreading plague among the Israelites! Moses sprang into action. He instructed his brother, Aaron, the high priest, to quickly make atonement for the people—to stop the plague from spreading.

Aaron ran to fulfill the instructions verses And despite the speed with which these two men acted it may have taken mere minutes , 14, Israelites perished in the plague! What would have happened if Aaron had delayed even a few moments? If he had moved slowly, or debated in his mind what to do? How many more would have died? Surely Moses and Aaron, in dealing with the congregation day in and day out, got frustrated—their patience wore thin with certain individuals. But when it came down to it, they knew they were responsible, and leaped into action to fulfill their duty!

Understand this lesson! But where the power of such prayer really becomes evident is in how much you can help others! Moses and Aaron set a superb example of interceding for those people they were having trouble with. In Scripture God actually commands that we pray for our enemies. That is certainly what Moses and Aaron did. Why should we pray for our enemies? For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? We are children of God when we do this! Yes it is hard—perhaps one of the hardest things God asks of us. We are to love those who hurt us, the way God loves those who hurt Him.

The goal is perfection verse But why? So they would come to understand and know God e. Psalm Armstrong said he never prayed for anything bad to happen to anyone—not even his enemies. Instead, pray that God would treat them as you would want to be treated.

The Ultimate Prayer For Healing That Works - Powerful Healing Prayer Miracle

Like Jeremiah, we should pray that God would correct us, but in measure, with mercy Jeremiah If we are to pray for our enemies with empathy, how much more should we be able to intercede for each other empathetically? Perhaps you are having trouble relating to someone. Prayer does deepen your relationship with God. But in this way it can also help strengthen your relationships with others.

Yes, intercessory prayer unifies the body of Christ. He never ceased to pray for the brethren Colossians ; Ephesians But what did he pray for? Paul prayed for their spiritual enlightenment and growth! He wanted them to succeed as much as possible. His love for the brethren was powerfully evident in his prayer life. Struggling, competing for a prize, or contending with an adversary!

Those are truly effortful prayers for the brethren. At one point Samuel said he would be sinning against God if he ceased to pray for the people 1 Samuel He knew that faithful intercessory prayer was his responsibility.

The Crucial Power of Intercessory Prayer

Our pastor general bears an enormous load. On several occasions he has told the Church how much he relies on our prayers for his success. And that benefit is secondary to the fact that those prayers truly do help the Work. Flurry does the same. We need to beseech God earnestly that He would open the door for us to be able to get the mystery of Christ out to the world! Read 2 Corinthians And he wanted all the prayers he could get! Paul said that the more people praying, the better. He knew that success in his ministry would take many prayers! It means to agonize or struggle in company together.

This Work truly is a group effort! Praying for yourself is not wrong. Christ instructed us to pray for ourselves. Christ prayed for Himself. But He also set a tremendous example of intercessory prayer. Read John 17—the most complete prayer of His recorded in Scripture, spoken in the time of His own greatest need, the night before His crucifixion—and it is almost entirely a prayer for others! Jesus Christ is there, interceding for us yet today.

This is one of His full-time jobs! It only makes sense that we need to think as our Husband does. Lessons From Intercessory Prayer. How much have you thought about why God commands intercessory prayer? Christ Our Intercessor Notice who else is there in the throne room with the Father. What is it? Intercessory prayer—praying for others.

Because God wanted to teach this king where He was working. Who His man was. Overcoming Selfishness God expects His ministers to be a praying ministry. How to End Your Trials Job was a righteous man who endured a series of terrible trials—loss of personal property and family, and a cripplingly painful health trial.

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Growing in Love The main part of our prayers should be intercessory. A story from ancient Israel will help illustrate the point. What might your intercessory prayers be able to accomplish? Helping Others Numbers 16 contains another truly remarkable example of intercession. Pray for Enemies Moses and Aaron set a superb example of interceding for those people they were having trouble with.

Pray for the Brethren If we are to pray for our enemies with empathy, how much more should we be able to intercede for each other empathetically? How much can your prayers help the Work? Assisting Our Husband Forever! That is the mindset we must strive to emulate! Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter.