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Do You Daydream? | Wonderopolis

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Look no further! This property is outstanding. The staff is wonderful, the location perfect, the views amazing and room excellent. Daydreaming sometimes happens when we least expect it - we're caught up in our thoughts and we forget to pay attention or focus. We know it happens once in a while, but daydreaming is a great thing when we have free time. We can Wonder and use our imaginations while we daydream - it's a way for our brain to work in creative ways! Great questions, Micaiah and Kamarien!

Thanks for joining the fun today, Lexy and Kamarien! We're so glad you learned something new with us today about daydreaming when it's okay to daydream, and when we should be focusing and paying attention to our school work! I want to learn more about this!

I don't think I've ever daydreamed before. I might have but I don't know. How does daydreaming occur even when you're not sleepy? I would love if I knew a lot about daydreaming and all about brains and what it does to your brain to make it think and dream. Hi Sean and Vaniyah! Thanks for visiting us today!

What do you like to daydream about? We find ourselves daydreaming about fun activities that we have coming up, or even what we will do when we are older! Thanks for sharing your comments today! Hi Jeremiah and Miracle!


We are glad you're both daydreamers as long as you're not daydreaming when you should be paying attention! Thanks for using your awesome imaginations to share your thoughts, connections and predictions with us! Hi Tiffany and Kaylen! We're glad you're paying attention and focusing in class; if you have trouble doing so, we hope you'll talk to your teachers or a parent about that. We want you to do great in and out of the classroom!

We love your creativity in forming a sentence using our Wonder word of the day, too! Great work! Hi there Destiny and Alaina! Most times we daydream, we don't even realize it- we're caught up in our own thoughts or ideas! As long as you're not daydreaming while someone is speaking to you or you're in school, we hope you continue to daydream and Wonder! It's a great way to use your imaginations! Keep up the great work, Wonder Friends! Hi Tairyn and Chett!

Sometimes great ideas and thoughts come from being bored and finding yourself in the middle of a daydream! We like your thoughts and connections to today's Wonder about daydreams, and we hope you continue to use those awesome imaginations of yours! Great work today, Alex and Jenna! Daydreaming sometimes happens when you don't even realize it - but your mind and imagination are working hard! Thanks for visiting us today to Wonder, learn and explore!

We hope to see you tomorrow! THOUGHT:the video was interesting very but to me they should have added more of the meaning like the only information about it was the name and then about the music. Good afternoon, Timothy and Janiya! We're glad you have been WONDERing about the different ways to daydream - sometimes it happens during the day, and sometimes it happens when you're ready to sleep, too! We are glad you learned something new with us today, Wonder Friends! See you soon! Thought : I think about daydreaming sometimes. Connection : I daydream lots of times.

Prediction : It will be about living your dreams out. I am revolving around the classroom. Hi Elizabeth and Christopher, thanks for visiting us all week! Great work, Deven and Danessa!

We're glad you shared your thoughts and connections to our Wonder today - what do you daydream about? We hope you'll be back to Wonder with us tomorrow Hi there Assata and Keith! It sounds like you both enjoy daydreaming - we bet you come up with some great ideas while you do as long as you're daydreaming in your free time Thanks for doing a great job of using the Wonder word in a sentence: we Wonder what topic tomorrow's Wonder will revolve around? WWOTD: the world does not revolve around you. Thanks for coming back to Wonder with us, Jeremiah and Andrea!

Daydreaming can be great for using your imagination and thinking about the future, but we don't want you daydreaming during class! You both make great points, thanks for sharing! I never daydream I don't know why people do that. Just dream at night.

If you sleep at day time, you might be doing homework at night. He said AK HA HA! Hi there, TJ and Tam! We're so glad that you and your Wonder Friends from Mrs.

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  • Liles' Class have joined us to Wonder again today! We love your fun connection to daydreaming, and your cousin is a lucky guy that he answered the question correctly! Hey, Wonder Friends!

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    Do you daydream? Can daydreams be helpful?


    a day dreaming...

    What do you usually daydream about? Tags: See All Tags awake , concentration , daydream , dream , fantasy , focus , focusing , goal , happy , hope , inspiration , mental , mentally , motivation , physical , physically , pleasant , positive , reality , scenario , temporary , thought. Wonder What's Next? Tomorrow's Wonder of the Day helps you see the world through a new lens!

    Try It Out OK, it's time to stop daydreaming and get to work! Check out one or more of the following activities with a friend or family member: What's the last thing you daydreamed about? Can you remember? Chances are you've done some daydreaming in the recent past. Think back to that time and try to remember what it was you daydreamed about. Or perhaps you have a favorite daydream that you let your mind drift to on a regular basis. Maybe thoughts of a remote beach where you can take a siesta in the shade before swimming with dolphins at dusk?

    Whatever it is, try to capture it in words and share your written daydream with a friend or family member. Can you use daydreams for motivation and inspiration? You bet you can! Think about a few hopes, dreams, or goals that you have for the near future. Spend some time daydreaming about what it will be like the minute you reach that goal or realize that dream. Perhaps your daydream will help illuminate the path you need to take to make that dream a reality.

    Have fun and keep a daydream journal that contains the thoughts that come to mind while you daydream. You never know when those words will lead to inspiration in a new and powerful way! Ready to daydream? That's right! We're officially giving you permission to do a little daydreaming right here and now. What should you daydream about? Well…what's been on your mind? Is there something that's been bothering you? Do you have a problem that needs a solution? Maybe a little daydream will help your brain craft the solution you've been looking for. Perhaps you need inspiration for an upcoming project?

    Take some time to daydream about the full range of possibilities before you. If you set your mind free to wander for a while, you never know when it'll stumble upon the inspiration you've patiently been waiting for. Maybe you just need to close your eyes and let your mind wander aimlessly with no preconceived thoughts or notions floating around inside your head. Try to wipe your internal mental slate clean. Think about absolutely nothing. When your mind is clear, let it go where it wants. You might be surprised where you end up!

    Go with the flow and let your daydream serve as a short trip to somewhere your brain has always wanted to go! Did you get it? Test your knowledge. What are you wondering? Wonder Words reality temporary focusing motivate physically scenario inspiration concentration revolve Take the Wonder Word Challenge. Join the Discussion. Bill Sep 26, AJ Sep 25, Faustina E. Sep 17, It took me a while to snap out of my trance when they said try it-. Wonderopolis Sep 18, Faustina Eyeson Sep 17, Damian Sep 16, I love how they explained that daydreaming can be good and bad.

    Wonderopolis Sep 16, Why do you say that, Damian? Wonderopolis Sep 9, Click the button in 'Did You Get It? Cori Larson Sep 25, Wonderopolis Aug 30, Sometimes, we can't help but daydream, evelin! Miesha Aug 29, I daydream all day at school so yes it ok to daydream so like what is you dream about. Hi Miesha! What do YOU daydream about? We think everyone is different when it comes to daydreams. Bryson Sep 21, Wonderopolis Sep 30, We're so glad that you liked this Wonder, Bryson! N May 17, I learned that daydreaming can help you feel inspired to do something. Wonderopolis May 18, Thanks for sharing what you learned, N!

    Wonderopolis Oct 6, Awesome, keira! Fritzy Oct 2, Wonderopolis Oct 5,