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  2. Ring of Fire: California quakes spark fear of notorious ‘Big One’ - What is the 'Big One'?
  3. Pyrophobia: Fear of Fire - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment | Healthtopia
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In social situations, they're afraid that people are looking at them, and overestimate the chances that people are going to reject them or that they're going to be embarrassed.

Exposure to these situations provokes anxiety responses like panic, freezing, blushing, tantrums, crying and clinging. People with social anxiety disorder tend to avoid these situations for obvious reasons. Over time, this gets in the way of social development and can become a real cost to them in terms of education, family functioning, employment and overall happiness.

How are children affected by social anxiety disorder? The rate in children is thought to be 0. In adolescents, it may be as high as 7 percent. It's not known why certain children are affected, but it's thought that it may be hereditary. Parents with panic disorder, for example, have a higher rate of children who have social anxiety disorder. What are the symptoms of a specific phobia? Symptoms of specific phobia can include any or all of the following:.

What are the symptoms of panic disorder? The extreme fear and anxiety caused by panic disorder can manifest in such physical symptoms as:.

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Experiencing four or more of these symptoms in a single episode is referred to as a panic attack. While panic attack symptoms can last for several hours at a time, they usually peak and then subside after 10 minutes. What are the symptoms of agoraphobia? What are the symptoms of social phobia? Children with social phobia experience intense fear of one or more social or performance situations, including:.

Children with social phobia:. Q: How common are phobias in children? A: Up to 9.

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Q: How can I tell if my child is experiencing a phobia or just going through a phase? Nearly all infants and toddlers go through phases of one or more of the following at some point:. Q: How can I tell if my child is suffering from social phobia, or is just shy? Q: Can I prevent my child from developing a phobia? The smell of smoke or a burning smell can set off an anxiety attack in a person who suffers from pyrophobia. Pyrophobics may constantly check the stove, boiler and heating elements of their homes. Someone with pyrophobia may be unable to tolerate candles or campfires.

They may develop obsessive-compulsive rituals such as constantly checking the batteries in smoke detectors or checking to ensure that the oven is off. Some people with pyrophobia have a physical reaction, such as stomach cramps or headaches, to the smell of smoke. Like all phobias, it is best to check with a mental health professional if your pyrophobia begins to limit your activities.

Ring of Fire: California quakes spark fear of notorious ‘Big One’ - What is the 'Big One'?

People with pyrophobia may feel dizzy or queasy whenever they come in contact with fire. It could be as simple as someone lighting a candle or turning on a gas stove. Someone with severe pyrophobia may also experience loss of breath, nausea, dry mouth or may faint around a fire.

One common treatment is Exposure Therapy whereby a pyrophobic person is introduced to the fear of fire through illustrations of fires, as well as examples of a real fire, such as a lit match or candle. Have you ever wondered what your personality type means? Sign up to get these answers, and more, delivered straight to your inbox. To a Pyrophobic individual, the mere smell of smoke or something burning can trigger an intense anxiety attack.

Since ancient times, mankind has depended on fire but has also been burnt by it. Fire can cook food but it is known to cause large scale destruction. Since childhood, we are warned by parents and caregivers to stay away from fire. Loading How afraid are you? Thank you for voting You have already voted on this poll! Please select an option! House fires, though rare today, can still cause massive destruction to life and property.

Man has been able to control them to an extent, by using sophisticated fire alarms and smoke detectors. But despite these things, dangerous blazes do occur even in the most advanced countries from time to time. One such negative or traumatic experience with fire in the past direct or indirect is the most likely cause of Pyrophobia.

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Some phobics do not even remember how their fear originated in the first place. Like all other phobias, Pyrophobia is also characterized by anxiety and panic attacks when the individual is faced with a situation involving fire. Loading How old are you?

Pyrophobia: Fear of Fire - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment | Healthtopia

Below 18 Above 65 Vote Show Hide. The first step in treating fear of fire phobia is to diagnose it. When the phobia symptoms are extreme, medication must be taken to counter the anxiety symptoms. Additionally, one must also utilize a few self help techniques to overcome the fear of fires phobia.

Fears are Common:

Gradual desensitization or exposure therapy can be done with the help of family and friends or even a professional therapist. This involves looking at pictures of fires, thinking of fire and gradually progressing to being in the presence of small or controlled fire. An exposure of this sort can help the Pyrophobic control the anxiety response to fires.