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The Discworld fanfic The Discworld Tarot portrays the angel Sandalfoot, Guardian Of The High And Most Mystic Arcanum of the Caroc Cards, as a harassed junior bureaucrat tasked with keeping the costs down - especially the wages bill - by issuing redundancy notices to six out of the eight Virtues. Who, being strong-minded attitudinal ladies, give him a really hard time. In the setting of Sonic X: Dark Chaos , Angels are Human Aliens who were originally slaves to the Demon Empire before they launched a massive rebellion and gained their independence.

Humans themselves are descended from them. Their close ethnic counterparts, the Jews and the Muslims, are also Human Aliens. In the Pony POV Series , angels are described as being mortals who earned their wings with good works, mortals who took a burden after their death, or spirits made to serve as messengers between Concepts and mortals. Only one angel has been seen so far in the series, and that's Starlight , an Angel of Death, which seems to be of the second type. Considering Saint is shown to be a title given to mortals who did great things in life, it's possible that Sweet Heart and Dark World!

Applebloom may qualify as well. Given Half-Light Noon's statement, they're apparently respected quite a bit. While the ones who were once mortals look like ponies, the ones made by the deities can be much more abstract in nature. It turns out the Blank Wolf is one. Their features include multiple sets of wings, animal masks and their leader The Seraphim has a strong association with fire. Cassandra Cain, who operates as The Angel of The Bat, also doesn't have a whole lot angelic to her costume, mostly just its use of white and a cross through the middle of her Bat symbol.

In Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles , they're "beautiful people" with wings, yellow halos and white robes. And they deliver mail to Hogwarts. Two types of angels appear in A History of Magic : The 'A' class of Incubators had appeared of these in ancient times to manipulate men and tempt young girls into becoming Puella Magi namely, they contracted Eve, whose wish doomed mankind to be targeted by the Incubators in the first place and Hagar.

Eventually, when a line about Satan appearing as an angel of light made it into the Bible, the 'A' class were phased out and replaced by the 'B' class that Kyubey comes from. Witches that somehow retained memories of their humanity were also called angels. The witch Gabriel the witch form of Aisha was one of these, as was Pandora of Greek mythology. Homura somehow becomes one of these as well, despite Madoka's wish to erase witches before they were born. Some are winged humanoids , but most are people who have one or another way to fly. They are Knights Templar , notoriously Lawful Stupid , and thoroughly unpleasant to be around.

While much of their time is spent healing people during battles and rescuing civilians, they are quite ready to mix it up with evil, particularly the Animals another PG. They are led by Trelayna of the Rock, a woman merged with a rock who has enormous telepathic powers. Films — Animated. This is perhaps one of the few Western Animation examples of an angel that is far away from the Winged Humanoid stereotype; it appears as a glowing smoke Eldritch Abomination that descends from the sky from what appears to be a interdimensional hole.

This, as well as its job to kill every firstborn in Egypt that isn't a Hebrew , can easily be seen as a reason why the movie sticks to biblical tradition. Time Masters has angels created by an evil god. The ones seen on screen are formerly human being astronauts converted and purified by said deity , so they resemble stereotypical humanoid angels with feathered wings, though their faces are blank.

Due to the nature of their creation, they can probably also be considered both aliens and zombies, albeit with divine magic. In The Secret of the Hunchback , a surprisingly not-bad mockbuster of Disney's Hunchback, we find out angels resemble disfigured humans, and the young ones, yet to become full-on angels, have large blood-filled sacks on their back where their wings are growing. Quasimodo was a teenage angel. Apparently abandoned by his angel parents? Also, healing powers. Films — Live-Action. One of the protagonists' original complaints about the title character in Michael is that they "thought they were cleaner.

As the Tagline said, "He's an Angel, not a Saint. In a hasty attempt to get back home by purifying themselves, they instead divided themselves into two types of Fallen Angel : the light Mystics and the dark Skeksis, both mortal and aging. They are refused into urSkeks at the end and go back to Heaven.

Here Comes Mr. Jordan and A Matter of Life and Death feature heavenly messengers angels by another name who are really, really, really bad like Misfile level bad! In the former, they are too early and the latter too late. Guillermo del Toro apparently based "her" on Mexican angel paintings which depict them as having eyes on the wings maybe the biblical weird looking angels weren't forgotten after all. Also doubles as a Dark Is Not Evil example as being at worst neutral and by having the wings colored black.

In Dogma , If they have their wings cut off, it transforms them into humans which apparently doesn't work for demons or fallen angels , and they can't drink alcohol although that was mainly a restriction put on them after one angel had a few too many and insulted The Big Man. Metatron is said to have 36 wings with eyes and mouths all over his body, each mouth said to speak a different language, but in the movie, he only had 2 wings, even though he did first manifest as a torrent of flame.

The other two angels of the film, although disgraced, seem to have powers retaining to their old posts, with Bartleby, a Grigori, knowing everyone's personal history by looking at them, and Loki, the angel of death, mentioned to be able to "rain sulfur" although he doesn't seem to enjoy doing so.

When in battle, both are nearly invulnerable to our mortal protagonists. Also, angels are as anatomically impaired as a Ken doll, which appears to be a mistake at first, as according to Genesis angels are very capable of doing the deed and making Half Human Hybrids , but It makes sense in the context of the movie. It would make perfect sense that God would castrate the angels to stop more Nephilim from being born. The angels' attitude towards humans are made clear by multiple angels dismissing them as "talking monkeys" and by Gabriel's diatribe to Thomas.

Gabriel : I'm an angel. I kill firstborns while their mamas watch.

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I turn cities into salt. I even, when I feel like it, rip the souls from little girls, and from now till kingdom come, the only thing you can count on in your existence is never understanding why. Angels in A Practical Guide To Evil apparently come in choirs - we know of Fortitude, Mercy, Compassion, Judgement and Contrition - that affect not only their mindset and powers but that of their chosen Heroes.

We've only yet seen an Angel of Contrition on screen when the process of summoning it was interrupted. They also have a Brainwashing for the Greater Good effect on those exposed to them. Good Is Not Nice is in effect. Angels in Unsong live in Fluffy Cloud Heaven and are Always Lawful Good on a deep and fundamental psychological level - they're almost completely incapable of understanding concepts like "deception".

Angels who are exposed to the harsh realities of the world eventually lose the ability to fly. On the other hand, they're really good at killing demons with flaming swords. Angels falling after being exposed to humanity eventually became such a problem that the United States government had to establish a "Strategic Angel Reserve". The Aash Ra of Adam R. Brown's Astral Dawn are essentially angels.

Many of the Aash Ra even use angelic names from countless worlds, including Earth. In truth, they are highly powerful extradimensional aliens who can exist outside of the multiverse. Dora Wilk's angels look like beautiful humans and only the most powerful or lucky if God's in good mood have wings and ability to turn on their evil-punishing Battle Aura. They are not Nigh Invulnerable , although only an archangelic blade can kill them for real and their super-strong muscles make them formidable enemies. They're granted free will, although God can punish them with the Fall if they screw up massively.

Alexa from The Last Dragon Chronicles. She's pretty much an All-Loving Hero and a Reality Warper rolled into one tiny five-year-old package. Thomas Sniegoski's The Fallen series deals with a Half-Human Hybrid Chosen One being hunted down by the Powers , helped by a Deadpan Snarker angel and a talking dog, trying to redeem the fallen angels. The angels and the Nephilim have certain powers, such as speaking every language including animal "languages" , throwing fireballs, and conjuring flaming swords out of thin air.

They also have wings that allow them to fly, although fallen angels had those cut off before they were exiled. In Thomas E. Sniegoski's Remy Chandler series, the title character is the Archangel Remiel, who has opted to give up being an angel and live as human. The angels of the series have a collection of special spiritual abilities that Remy can call on, at the cost of losing his sense of humanity. In David Almond's Skellig , a boy who moves to a new house discovers an angel in the crumbling garage. Said angel is trapped behind furniture, covered in dust and dead bluebottles, his wings confined under a tattered suit coat; it's unclear how long he's been there, or how sane he is.

In the end he proves himself a benevolent guardian, curing the heart condition that threatens the protagonist's baby sister, before disappearing from the derelict house he shares with a few dozen owls. In Penryn and the End of Days , the angels are winged humanoids who brought doom among the humans. They have very light bodies, heightened senses of smell, hearing, and sight, are superhumanly strong, heal very fast, and are extremely beautiful. However, they think of humans as mere monkeys.

Similarly, it is implied that the titular character of What Happened To Lani Garver might be a "floating angel," which is sort of an ambiguously gendered asexual teen guardian angel. This issue is never really resolved in the book. In Terence Blacker's The Angel Factory , Thomas Wisdom discovers that a number of humans on Earth, including his parents, are actually angels created by an alien race.

They don't have wings or supernatural powers, but they're more predisposed than "imperfect" humans to be good and kind, and their creators from above believe they are the key to stopping mankind from destroying itself. In the end, Thomas rejects their offer to run things on Earth, and all the angels living on Earth gradually become human.

Meljean Brook's The Guardians series features human beings who were saved and given some angelic powers, wings, etc. They can elect to move on to the beyond or Fall back to being a human again. Actual angels exist but do not interact with humans, as their holiness leads humans to mistake them for gods. The Guardians are human-angel hybrids working on their behalf. Neil Gaiman 's Neverwhere has the angel Islington who pretty much fits the angel stereotype: divinely beautiful, unfailingly kind and caring, and frequently associated with light.

On first impression, that is. Let's just say that there's a reason why Islington's in a secluded room in London Below and not in Heaven with the other angels: he's Ax-Crazy. Simon R. Green : In Drinking Midnight Wine , angels are impossibly different and indescribable unless they are fallen, in which case they are distinguishable from humans only by their Nigh-Invulnerability.

Memorably described as God's Storm Troopers. In the Nightside series which uses the same cosmology, like all his books the second book Agents of Light and Darkness has the angels of heaven and hell duking it out in the streets. Casualties among the innocent bystanders are high, and there's no obvious way to tell which side a given angel is on. Also, some who see the angels too close up turn to salt, like Lot's wife in Genesis.

Madeleine L'Engle : Though not an "angel" per se actually "a singular cherubim," and no, that's not an error , Proginoskes from A Wind in the Door matches Ezekiel's idea of an angel: a composite of wind and flame at his heart, extending into dozens of immense wings and myriad, blinking eyes.

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He finds it easier to not be corporeal at all, and scorns the human idea of "little pigs with wings. After all, Cherubim are supposed to be the embodiments of God's love. By contrast, the seraphim and nephilim in the later book Many Waters are more like what a contemporary audience would think of as angels, being winged humanoids, but correspond to "the sons of God" as described in Genesis rather than current stereotypes.

The seraphim are basically servants of God on earth and usually have eyes and wings coloured in some variant of gold, silver or blue. The nephilim, which are implied to be fallen angels, have eyes and wings of more vivid colours like red and violet. They are all immortal, and not outright antagonistic with each other, but the nephilim are trapped on earth where the seraphim can return to heaven.

Nephilim are male and enjoy sleeping with human women and fathering children on them; seraphim are androgynous and celibate although they sometimes fall in love. Also, each one, seraphim and nephilim, has an animal form into which he can change — though the nephilim take the shapes of worms, snakes, dragons, and other ugly things. Whatsit, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which in A Wrinkle in Time , the first in the series, might be angels as well. It's the closest to identifying them the characters get. They don't like to materialize very much and one of them used to be a star! Lewis provides one of the more original examples in The Space Trilogy : Angels, or eldila singular eldil are beings whose bodies are purportedly made out of light, and occupy a different state of matter, moving with respect to the universe rather than with respect to a planet's surface.

Human eyes can barely detect them as shimmers of light, only allowing themselves to be seen for what they are when the purpose serves them. The Oyeresu singular Oyarsa are more powerful beings that control the nature of each planet in the solar system. Although most are benevolent and love their subjects, the Oyarsa of Thulcandra earth is clearly Satan and, unlike the others, is actually trapped within the moon's orbit to prevent further harm. The Oyeresu, like the eldila, have no genders but some have masculine and feminine identities.

Furthermore, they have the ability to manifest themselves as they choose ; at the close of the second book, the Oyeresu of Mars and Venus manifest as white, fiery giants. Further complicating the picture, the Oyeresu, as described in That Hideous Strength , have a sort of shadow presence on each planet, which seems to act more or less independently. These are the "gods" that some Tellurians have reportedly met. The "angel," as he is referred to by the villagers who find him, is an old, flea-infested, wrinkled man with no teeth and crippled, barren wings. He could be injured, ate food albeit mashed up as he couldn't chew , did not recognize men of the cloth, and spoke in a strange tongue.

Note that the whole point of the story is the question of whether the man was really an angel or not. Good Omens : The book has the angel Aziraphale whose most noteworthy actions include giving away his Flaming Sword to Adam and Eve, befriending the demon responsible for tempting them, and working to avert the Apocalypse against his superiors' wishes. In short, he's the not-as-holy-as-he-should-be angel who's Not So Different from the not-as-evil-as-he-should-be demon Crowley.

Aziraphale is also specifically stated to be a Principality, but doesn't like to tell people because they make jokes. Given how the Guardians of the Gates of Eden were Cherubim , it's likely he got demoted after the whole " Flaming Sword incident. Also worth noting, when angels fall in the Good Omens universe they become demons.

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Demons look exactly the same as Angels, but their wings tend to be more well-groomed, on account of the whole vanity thing. Adam glanced up. In one sense there was just clear air overhead. In another, stretching off to infinity, were the hosts of Heaven and Hell, wingtip to wingtip. If you looked really closely, and had been specially trained, you could tell the difference.

Live-Action TV. In Highway to Heaven , angels look just like humans. They do have supernatural knowledge and are implied to be able to teleport and use telekinesis in the first episode, an Angel uses this to cause a car to break down to give him a lift; how very angelic. They wander the Earth or at least middle America, doing good deeds. This is carried over to Touched by an Angel , though the titular angels do get an inner light when they're being particularly inspirational, which isn't always a good thing. One episode of Touched by an Angel , set on October 30, , had then-rookie angel Monica turning on her angel glow to calm down a crowd that was panicked by reports of a Martian Invasion they were listening to Orson Welles' radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds.

It didn't quite work. The Vorlons in Babylon 5 pretend to be angels of the big fluffy wings variety, but they are really just Sufficiently Advanced Aliens. They have the neat trick of appearing to "less advanced" species as their archetypal holy messenger, thanks to a few tens of thousands of years grooming read, genetically manipulating new species. So to humans at least, they look like fluffy-winged angels. Londo Mollari, however, saw nothing.

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Though never outright stated, it's implied that he didn't see anything because he's been touched by the Shadows other theories like the Centauri weren't groomed by the Vorlons have also been put forward. Supernatural : The series got into the game by introducing Castiel an angel of Thursday apparently who dragged Dean out of Hell and gave us the page quote.

Design choices were clearly made with inspiration from Wings of Desire , The Prophecy , Good Omens , and probably a little bit from Dogma. The angels of this setting give every indication of being fundamentally beings of light Castiel calls it a "multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent" , though Zachariah says "in Heaven I have six wings and four faces, one of which is a lion," and in the next season Castiel refers to his own true form as being "roughly the size of your Chrysler Building," after which Dean tells him "All right, all right, quit bragging.

The collateral damage from their forms is also apparently the preferred form for combat since an otherwise-improbable percentage of the dead angel count are killed by stabbing while in vessels. Without using traditional wings, they've raised Offscreen Teleportation to an art form, using it in place of traditional flight powers, though they can manifest echoes of wings Castiel with shadows, Raphael with lightning, and so on and they sometimes get a feather-ruffle sound effect when teleporting.

Their death throes result in a burned imprint of wings on whatever surface s they were on, as seen from above, as well as a little falling ash for visual effect. In keeping with the Crapsack World they were introduced to, these angels are mostly quite unhappy. God has been AWOL for ages , but since no one ever really had contact with him, most of them don't know.

Heaven is attempting to start the Apocalypse while pretending to stop it because a the prophecy is the closest thing they've got to divine will b something needs to change. Zachariah likes the power grab, Michael really wants to settle things with his brother, Raphael is disillusioned by God's absence, Gabriel is off impersonating Loki , and Lucifer wants to punish Daddy for abandoning them by breaking His favorite toy, the human race. There are mind games and betrayals and quite a lot of blood since apparently most angel magic is blood-based and it must be smeared on things.

Heaven is an extremely strict military organization, with Michael as the first general of the whole lot, and handing orders down through the ranks to the soldiers on the ground. Obedience is absolute, and torture to keep the angels in line is quite common. There's a wide variety of angel personalities, even as it broke up in interesting ways.

Uriel is a coldblooded bastard, Zachariah is a heartless creep, Anna and Balthazar are two very different flavors of hedonist, while Gabriel's a bit like Balthazar only all sense of humor and phenomenal cosmic archangel powers Michael is a "Well Done, Son! Angels can be turned into humans by having their celestial essence, called "Grace" removed. Most angels cut off from Heaven will slowly lose their powers, although the higher tiers are more immune to these effects. Demons are former humans, essentially superpowered ghosts. Angels do not have genders and use their hosts' pronouns for convenience.

Some prefer vessels of a specific sex Michael, for example, prefers male vessels and some such as Raphael have no preference. Others, like Cas and Anna, only feel comfortable in a specific vessel, and use replicas of that vessel after the original body is destroyed since vessels usually become useless once the owner's soul departs, this takes either "calling in some favors" or direct divine intervention. Then she strips him naked and copulates with him before telling him that humans must "stop moving" so that God will lose interest in Earth and return to Heaven. Prior dazzled at first, comes to realize that this is not a feasible solution and wrestles with the angel until she allows him to climb up to Heaven to make his case for humanity in front of a Council of Angels.

The angels are also hermaphrodites and are apparently oversexed because they're made of the very fires of creation. Prior ends up getting a "barometer" for whenever the Angel is going to make an appearance. In Charmed there are Whitelighters, essentially guardian angels - good people who were rewarded for their good deeds in death - who help and advise witches.

Their wings are strictly metaphorical: although they never manifest any actual wings, having their powers revoked by the Council of Elders is referred to as having their "wings clipped. They are also near invincible as they can be blown to pieces, only to quickly reform. However, they can die when shot by an arrow from their Evil Counterpart, Darklighters.

Paige, the youngest sister is actually technically an angel as well. Her mother had an affair with her Whitelighter and got pregnant with her as a result. She has Whitelighter powers in addition to her Charmed ones, but she can also be killed by mortal causes and it's likely she won't live forever. Battlestar Galactica : Old Series — alien beings of light that travel in a ship of lights and oppose Count Iblis.

And also demons. According to Ron Moore, they're the same thing. Kara's vision of Leoben that guides her to take her life and enter the maelstrom is implied to be one as well. Kara herself after her resurrection may be an angel of another sort altogether, in human form to lead them all to their end. They also show up in the prequel series Caprica. When she's fighting Tamara's minions in the New Cap City Arena, Zoe-A is mentored by another angelic being, which uses the same form as her. The X-Files episode "All Souls" uses the seraph version. Handicapped girls are turning up burnt to death in a small town; it turns out the girls are actually Nephilim , and a seraph's revealing his true form to them so that they can get whisked off to Heaven before the Devil comes calling.

Super Sentai seems to invoke a lot of angelic motifs into many of its shows: An episode of Dengeki Sentai Changeman involving an angelic woman who turned out to be an alien from a world where people are winged, can do things like making flowers grow, and a smile or a song by one of its inhabitants can instantly drain the will to do violence or evil.

Any connection between her and the Goseigers see below lies in the realm of Fan Wank , though. The Ohranger Robo from Chouriki Sentai Ohranger the Zeo Megazord in Power Rangers Zeo , is inspired by Ezekiel's descriptions of both the Cherubim the red, green and blue zords are a bird, bull, and lion respectively and Thrones the other two are chariots pulled by the bull and lion. Mahou Sentai Magiranger features the Heavenly Saints from the heavenly world Magitopia , with names like Sungel, Raigel, and Magiel, and while they may lack wings, they otherwise fit the bill quite well.

Tensou Sentai Goseiger features the Gosei Angels, a race of humans born with mysterious powers ability to control the elements and giant robots who fled to another world 10, years ago so that they wouldn't disturb normal humans. Also, for some reason, they have feathery wing motifs during their transformations despite not having actual wings. At least, not until the series finale.

Ultraman Gaia 's Big Bad or possibly Dragon-in-Chief ; it's complicated Zogu takes on the form of a meter tall angel-like being when she first appears, showing herself off as one of the few examples of Light Is Not Good in the Ultraman franchise and completely pummeling Gaia and Agul. However, she's actually an evil alien entity from another galaxy whose angelic form is meant to signify her self-righteousness ; her real form is a meter tall centaur-demon monster.

Doctor Who : The Weeping Angels. These are explicitly aliens, "creatures of the abstract," and "as old as the Universe itself or very nearly. They look like statues of Winged Humanoids , but only when they're being observed. When there's no sentient observer, they can move freely about, and do so at incredible speed. In addition, they have powerful telekinetic abilities and can kill you with a single touch.

They reproduce according to the saying "whatever holds the image of an Angel becomes itself an angel," which means that new ones can emerge from photographs, videos or recordings of them, and even from the mental image you have in your head once you've seen one. So, essentially, if you're not looking at them, they'll kill you horribly, and if you are looking at them , you'll end up turning into one.

There's also The Host - angel-themed robot servants on the starship Titanic not that Starship Titanic. When they're sent into Crush. In the Masters of Horror episode "Cigarette Burns," angels are corporeal creatures and can be tortured, and the one seen in the episode is quite uglier than one would expect at first. It's heavily implied that the evil of La Fin Absolue du Monde is the result of documenting the desecration of said angel. A story arc in Wizards of Waverly Place features angels that look human, except for the wings.

Some of the angels, are evil and can be identified by black wings which can be hidden. The Big Bad and The Dragon are dark angels. In Dominion angels seem to be arranged in a hierarchy similar to tradition but with the lowest rank, referred to colloquially as "Eight Balls" indistinguishable from demons who lack a physical form and need to possess a human to manifest. The angels at the top are the Archangels with Gabriel waging war on humanity, thinking that destroying them will cause God whom the Archangels all refer to as their father to reappear and Michael taking their side.

Most Eight Balls are servants of Gabriel and he has recently been joined by some of the Powers. Uriel meanwhile, who's a woman, seems to be playing both sides and there are angels of undisclosed rank hiding among humans. Oddly, all of them have black wings, even the good ones. The Lords in Kamen Rider Agito give of a somewhat angelic vibe.

They look like humanoid animals, dressed in clothing normally associated with angels. When summoning their weapons, or are at the point of dying, a halo appears above their head. They actually are angels. In this series, the equivalent of God is revealed to be evil. Or at least a control freak that wants to lord over his creation, namely humanity, with an iron fist. On the other hand, the equivalent of Satan spread his essence among humanity, which will help them evolve to Agitos, superhuman beings capable of breaking free from "God's" control.

Preacher : They look human; in fact, they're indistinguishable from them aside from the fact that they're immortal. If killed, they reappear at once from the nearest door. The only way to stop them is thus incapacitation. So far the only exception is the Saint of Killers, whose gun kills an angel at his request. Most are middle management types , but one seraph shows up as well, a sort of warrior angel apparently.

Only three angels are shown in Lucifer : Lucifer himself power of getting humans to reveal their deepest desires , his oldest brother Amenadiel loyal servant of their father , and the middle brother Uriel ability to see and affect patterns. All three have wings, although each has different wings, depending on his personality: Lucifer's are the standard "angelic white" and fluffy, indicating that he's a better person than he claims to be, Amenadiel's are metallic black and sharp, indicating his status as God's warrior and enforcer they later turn gray and soft, symbolizing his change in character , and Uriel's are similar to Lucifer's but dirty-gray, showcasing his calculating mind and willingness to bend the rules.

There is also mention of their sister Azrael, the Angel of Death. It's not clear how many angels there are total or if there are any other female angels besides Azrael. All angels are referred to as children of God and the Goddess , so their relationship is frequently portrayed as that of a typical family with a distant father. By the end of season 4, two more angels appeared: Azrael and Remiel.

Both are portrayed as female. While Azrael's wings are of a relatively light shade, but not as bright as Lucifer's, Remiel's wings resemble a bird of prey. Among the family members mentioned up to this point are Gabriel, Michael, and Castiel. In season 4 the first half-angel appears with Linda's and Amenadiel's son Charlie. Linda is worried that he might be born with wings and they try to make her apartment baby Angel proof with padding at the ceiling.

She appears to be a human who inexplicably grows a pair of wings, gains a magical bow and arrow and becomes a Cupid. Initially played for tragedy since she makes so many others fall in love it seems she is doomed to remain alone forever. Until she stabs herself with one of her own arrows and shares a moment with a paramedic trying to revive her.

The song The Marching of the Fey by the German gothic metal band Atargatis describes the descending of the angels from Heaven to destroy the Humanity for its sins. In Norse Mythology valkyries perform many of the same functions as Judeo-Christian angels, acting as messengers of Odin and gatherers of dead souls. They aren't winged but their horses are. Oh, and they rode wolves before horses. The war god they served was not viewed as a well-intentioned figure in their earlier tales and even after Odin became popular they were still usually the cause of death for the souls they took away.

Similar to angels, they were pretty frightening but became associated with beautiful people and such later. While having a completely different function, the Sirens and the Anemoi wind gods of Greek Mythology were depicted as angels are today, being, in fact, the origin of their modern winged humanoid appearance. Somewhat closer in the role and also depicted as winged humanoids were Eros, Thanatos, and Hypnos. Putti, who were profane in Hellenistic culture, were adopted as Christian symbols of God's omnipresence later in Italy.

Supernatural creatures that were not outright gods or monsters were called daemones. Good ones were Eudaemones and when Christianity became the official religion in the Roman empire the righteous dead saints and angels became eudaemones The word tenshi lit. Originally, it referred to a kind of kami whose actual role and form were lost to time. This may have to do with the influence of Buddhism that gave rise to the concept of tennin , Heavenly People, that serve a similar purpose which may explain why they were used as a loan word for Judeo-Christian angel.

Certain types of Dragons in Chinese Mythology serve the same purpose to Judeo-Christian angels, bearing messages from heaven and back and so forth. Scripture calls them beings worthy of worship or worthy of veneration. At the time Persians and Hebrews got along very well, which lead to several Yazatas and the Amesha Spentas coming to be viewed as Angels. One example is the Yazata Sraosha became equated with the Angel Surush. One scholarly Jew, Maimonides, proposed that the amber light coming from God's fire cloud and shining on the angels Ezekiel described was itself an angel of the hashmallim choir.

The Dominions of Christian tradition are basically watered-down versions of the same concept. Samael is different enough in Jewish folklore already, his most notably being both evil and good at the same time and being so big it would take five hundred years of traveling before someone covered a distance equal to his height and of course being covered in eyes. In some Gnostic sects, Samael was equated with Yaltabaoth, a lion-headed serpent that ruled over at least pseudo angelic archons.

The Archons from gnostic works are heavenly regents created by Yaldabaoth supposed to be the Judeo-Christian Yahweh but also borrows from the platonic demiurge , and the top ones, the Hebdomad, are basically planetary archangels. However, they are at best oppressive and at worst outright hostile, devouring the souls of the dead. To drive the point home, many are equated with actual Hebrew angels. Though the "real" Hebrew angels are occasionally seen in gnostic traditions and are independent, benevolent beings.

It's complicated. According to Islam , angels are created as a Servant Race to Allah. They are similar to angels in Christianity only in that they are good Eldritch Abominations that can take on a human form, but they differ in many ways. They're free to question the motives behind God's decisions, as they did when he announced his intention to create Adam, but are unable or unwilling to disobey God in any fashion because they lack free will.

Some traditions regarding the Battle of Badr, where the Muslims defeated an army 3 times their number, tell that Angels actually fought alongside the Muslims in battle. Oddly enough, in Islam, good, non-fallen angels punish the wicked in hell, not demons as commonly thought. Professional Wrestling. In the s and 50s, angel gimmicks were common in North American wrestling.

These they tended to be very muscular short men with an abnormal feature of some kind who could render opponents unconscious with a palm strike, a trend started by "The World's Ugliest Man" The French Angel, who had migrated to Boston Massachusetts when France fell to the Nazis. His distinct appearance was the result of acromegaly. The same attributes mentioned for Daniels above also apply to him.

Old Harry's Game : Two angels appear in the first episode of Season 7 as moronic middle-management types who have been assigned to oversee the Earth because God's grown bored with it. They're terribly pleased with their positions and name badges! Satan relocates their name badges somewhere they'd be difficult to read. Later episodes feature Gabriel , slightly higher up the chain-of-command, but just as powerless, and a bit of a crawler. God leaves him in Hell in the final episode. Previously in Season 3, we met three angels including a different Gabriel his name was actually Graham, but it got mistranscribed.

They were very excited about God's new punishment which was even worse than Hell and looked forward to finding a reason to put Satan there. Graham was also responsible for the Fall, having asked Satan to have a word with God. They abandoned this plan, when Scumspawn said that he would be sure to say at the trial how assiduously they had investigated Hell, spending hours watching the demonic orgies.

Angels don't have sex, but apparently, they can wish they did. Tabletop Games. They're generally considered the servants of good-aligned gods. More specifically, angels aasimon in old 2nd ed non-religiously-offensive terms are direct servants of the gods and asuras are angels who left the service of the gods for various reasons they're still, generally, good people, but they don't take crap from anyone. Archons, guardinals, and eladrin are incarnations of lawful, neutral and chaotic good respectively; they don't serve gods but rather their own leaders, although they often do help them out when asked.

Fiends follow a similar but inverted setup, although there is curiously enough no infernal counterpart to the angels themselves fiends close the gap by being a lot more varied in their forms and abilities, and, it's implied, a LOT more numerous. Fourth Edition shakes things up by declaring angels to be "expressions of the Astral Sea," basically Energy Beings who mostly act as servants and mercenaries for the gods on their own initiative according to their individual inherent natures.

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They're depicted as glowy, winged, legless humanoids and can now be of any alignment yes, evil gods can have angelic servants, too. Some of the other older 'celestial' terms have had their meaning changed fairly radically, too — 4E eladrin are now The Fair Folk elf subtype and available as a player character race, and 4E archons are elemental servants of the Primordials and thus technically enemies of the gods and those who work for them.

Fifth Edition allows 20th level paladins of the Oath of Vengeance to take on a temporary angelic form. The manasaputras are unique to Pathfinder and are Hindu-inspired rather than vaguely Abrahamic. In Nomine has no less than seven major types of Angels called "choirs" , and two minor types. Some of these are practically humans with superpowers, while others are so alien that they consider the "human condition" something akin to a disease.

They can be banished from Heaven if they act in defiance of their various natures, and will fall to become demons if they continue to do so as Outcasts. An angel can also choose at any time to fall and become a demon- most don't. While Outcasts can redeem themselves once they have healed the damage caused by their acts, its significantly harder for demons to ascend- but not impossible. The seven main types from highest to lowest rank are: Seraphim : Serpents with six eyes and six feathered wings. Cherubim : Winged animals, of any variety try not to imagine what a bird-cherubim looks like Ofanim : Constantly spinning wheels of flame.

Elohim : Hairless, androgynous humanoids with large, staring eyes. Basically, The Greys Malakim : Shadowy human figures with black wings. The only choir unable to fall, perhaps due to how strictly they police themselves. May or may not have already fallen and are just deluding themselves. Kyriotates : A whirling cloud of limbs and body parts.

The Counter Fairies which are meant to work with Counter Traps, look like mechanical angels. It's hard to say how a giant, ugly, man-eating in the anime scorpion-beast like Mystical Beast of Serket could be classified as a Fairy, except possibly because it's supposed to be a tomb guardian.

Based on demons in the Cthulhu Mythos. GX and are Obviously Evil. Yet, they are still considered Angels. Some examples are seen here. The Zefra archetype consists of a winged giant penguin and dolphin with young girls as riders Zeframpilica and Zefrawendi , a humanoid Dragon Zefraxa , a knight with half bright and half dark armor and the wings to match Zefraroots , an old man with access to a Fountain of Youth Zefrasaber , one of the 2 monsters responsible for the death of Sophia and is now called Zefranaga , A humanoid bug that slightly got more humanoid Zefraxition , a warrior that might be the human form of Chiwen, Light of the Yang Zing Zefrathuban , and two dragons Zefrainu and Zefraxi.

None of them are even Fairy-type. The "angels" if they can still be called that; they sure think they can of Demon: The Fallen are split up into seven celestial Houses, based on which day of creation they had a role in for instance, the Rabisu, responsible for the sixth day and all the creatures of the Earth, have control over animal life, plant life, and flesh.

As the Quotes page indicates, the pre-Fall angels were quantum beings that existed in multiple states — the actual debate that led to the Fall is described by one angel as simultaneously being a verbal debate and clashing elements of a symphony and a struggle between elemental forces. Actual angels have disappeared from Creation by the time the game begins, as has God. Perhaps Angels aren't as gone as you might think, depending on your Storyteller.


One sidebar and thus optional in the final book gives stats for genuine blessed-by-God angels: a slight alteration from the standard Demon stats for thematic reasons, with the ass-kicking stats pegged at eleven. There is also a suggestion in one novel that the avatars of mages are the remains of the angels. One aspect of this details the Angels that serve the God-Machine: Divine subroutines and programs running on its cosmic supercomputer.

This will also be heavily relevant in the next NWoD game Demon: The Descent , where Angels seem to feature as the antagonists according to posts from the developers. What's been revealed thus far indicates that angels have no free will outside their orders going against them, even in letter, causes them to fall and become demons , act as forces pushing things towards some arrayed purpose they can't possibly know , take any number of forms corporeal and non-corporeal, and are sometimes set at cross purposes one Actual Play has one angel assigned to protect a barista, another assigned to kill said barista, and both falling because of it.

A playtest also features one who parleys with a demon to track down a badly damaged, Ax-Crazy angel who turns out to be trying to follow the Machine's orders. Promethean: The Created features the qashmallim. Despite the fact that the books make it very clear that they are not angels, they can take any number of forms including Biblical-style renditions such as a man with four faces or a flaming chariot , they have powers that are Biblical in scope such as calling down a rain of fire or turning a human into a pillar of salt , and they're made of the "Divine Fire" that powers the universe and act in service of a guiding force known as "the Principle.

Sometimes in the same sentence. The Seraphim are described as being powerful and furious, often manifesting in forms of wild, powerful energy, while the Cherubim are more patient and wise, often manifesting in gentler, softer forms. All angels are said to be forces of righteousness with high moral standards, although their particular view of morality can be sometimes a bit alien. The sample Cherubim are the Ophan a nude, feminine figure, completely white and hairless and covered in hundreds of closed eyes which blaze with a blinding, blue light when open and the Beast Keeper a multi-armed, solidly-built masculine figure who has constantly shifting animal features.

The sample Seraphim are the Metatron described as a towering humanoid being of pure fire with countless wings constantly folding and unfolding behind it and constant electricity sparkling around it and the Elemental a being which can manifest as a pillar of fire, a ball of heat and light, a beast constructed from magma, or a swirling torrent of water. The other suggested angels have forms ranging from the typical humanoid beings made from energy, burning bushes to the unusual a rubber ball constantly ricocheting off of surfaces, a structure made from marble and glass suspended in orbit to the particularly alien which greatly resemble the Angels from Evangelion.

Changeling: The Lost has the Nemeses, assassins serving Fate who kill anyone who tries to Screw Destiny and manifest as Winged Humanoids resembling their target. They're never explicitly called angels but the parallels are obvious. Ironically, the picture above is not an angel-rather, he's Gamugur, a spirit of primal chaos from Werewolf: The Forsaken , who took that form to interact with a religious cult.

They are bad. Although the descriptions suggest that they are in fact Aten's attempt to copy angels as described by humans. So the stories of angels, true or false, came before the Hands. Warhammer 40, : The Living Saints are chosen vessels of the God-Emperor's might and meet all of the criteria for being angels. However, these angels are known for wielding flaming chainsaw-swords and declaring they will purge the land Except the whole "chosen of the Emperor" could easily just be misunderstood Lost Technology and warp powers derived from the belief of the rather zealous SoB.

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Funnily enough, the ones actually referred to as angels are a million-strong army of 8 feet tall, fanatical super soldiers. And given what they go through to become that way, the angels comparison is entirely apt. Sanguinius is perhaps the closest thing to an actual angel; son of a Physical God , feathery wings, totally bishie , and pretty nice for that universe. But in his death throes, the Space Marines made from his genetic material were afflicted with a propensity towards madness, and a thirst for blood Meanwhile, Warhammer has the daemons of Alluminas , one of the gods of law , which resemble angels and are named after angelic classes.

Almost all of them and definitely all the recent ones are female, with the exception being, well, exceptional in some way for example, the Mirror Universe Malach of the Dawn. While most are under the domain of White, there are other more atypical ones such as the Maelstrom Archangel and the Platinum Angel.

And of course, Black has its share of Fallen Angels , but in recent years a design philosophy has come down that all new angels must be partly white, and only those corrupted in some way can be even partly black. In addition, the uniqueness of plane's environs leads to each plane's angels being different as a result. Mirrodin has cyborg angels and even one robot angel the above Platinum angel.

Alara's are more the "classical" Magic type of winged female humanoids, but some were cyberneticized during the Conflux. All but the most powerful of Zendikar's angels were shackled by the Eldrazi , their haloes actually being blindfolds. The standard Serra family come from an artificial plane created by the planeswalker Serra that was invaded and scrapped by the Phyrexians. Ravnica's angels are aligned with either the Boros Legion or the Orzhov Syndicate.

The rebirth of Mirrodin into New Phyrexia features the angels being surgically rebuilt into near-mindless killing machines The angels of Innistrad are also more or less classical Magic angels, but Avacyn , their leader, is basically a goddess in her own right albeit a created one , by the vampire Sorin Markov , lording not only over her church but also over the plane's White Magic , down to the fact that the other angels are much weaker without her.

She's also a lunar deity think Selene , only more protective , and because she was created by a vampire, a bit gothy in appearance. And while the rest of the angels in Innistrad are the traditional Winged Humanoid sort, Innistradi angels are further divided into three groups: Flight Alabaster Barrier Maiden and occasional psychopomps , Flight Goldnight Church Militant , and Flight of Herons healing and scouting. While technically not angels, MTG's Archons do take their role as the large White aligned beings wherever angels do not resonate well with the flavour like the Classical Mythology inspired Theros Block.

They definitely more closely resemble biblical angels, being mysterious, wrathful, violent beings that represent White's more militant, aggressive side, and are definitely very otherworldly and weird. The Savage Worlds setting of Winterweir has the Celestials. A bunch of angry Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence former humans who believe in the total domination of all beings through orderly stability. They manipulate religions to think of them as divine servitors. Which are a bit different, to say the least. The Harbinger of Menoth is a more classical take on the angel, albeit wingless since she is human; basically, Menoth's Chosen One.

Hallow, one of the Legend System 's official settings, features enormous semi-sentient constructs of glass and metal called Angels. Their purpose is to oversee parts of the world, but the only part of that understood by humans is that they handle what happens to people and things that fall off of plates. In Witchcraft and its sequel game Armageddon , angels mostly conform to common beliefs as being Winged Humanoids , both in their native plane where they are actually Energy Beings and our world where they have to incarnate themselves into physical bodies, but can easily hide their true natures.

Anima: Beyond Fantasy features most prominently the Beryls, who are God-like spirit beings of light who serve C'iel, the goddess of light. There're seven of them, who are named after -and identified with- the seven archangels of the Christianism of the setting , all but one of them have adopted female gender, and each one of them have associated a set of ideas and concepts for example, Gabriel represents among other things love, arts, and peace and Uriel -the unique male- freedom, independence, and free will Godbound 's angels are pissed.

After humanity laid waste to Heaven in a hubristic bid for ultimate power, they declared war on humanity and intentionally spread false religions in disguise to ensure the maximum number of humans go to hell. I Married an Angel. Angels in America. So dear to Heaven is saintly chastity That, when a soul is found sincerely so, A thousand liveried angels lackey her, Driving far off each thing of sin and guilt, And in clear dream and solemn vision Tell her of things that no gross ear can hear;.

Video Games. In ActRaiser , you have a little angel buddy you control in the city maintenance levels that acts as an intermediate between you and your people. Basically, it's a combination of a putto and a Christian angel: looking like the former, while performing the role of the latter. You use it do things like kill demonic creatures, bless your people's crops, or burn their houses down. In the sequel, you look like a angel, but are actually supposed to be god. The English version doesn't want you to know that. When you reach the end of the Portal, you're attacked by a Black Angel, an alien, sword-toting legless monster who can shoot electricity and tries to shank you.

In Aion , you start your character's life by ascending to become essentially an angel of your race's gods. Bayonetta 's angels and demons are less about "Good" and "Evil" factions and more about "Light" and "Dark" and the unspoken agreement to try and not kill each other and mortals enough to cause an imbalance. Beyond that, it can be inferred that the angels are as much liars and tricksters as demons, under all that polite, self-righteous veneer.

At first glance they have all the marble skin, gilded armor, and glowing halos of light and choral accompaniment. Beat them up, and all that falls off, leaving horrible monsters with dripping juices, exposed muscle tissue and eyes where they probably shouldn't be. An interesting side note here - angels are described in great detail in the Bible, and Bayonetta's development team has Shown Their Work. Each category of angels looks the way it's described in the Bible, and the different types are helpfully and correctly identified the first time they show up.

Bendy and the Ink Machine : One of the studio's cartoon stars is a shapely female named Alice Angel , a Horned Humanoid with a Holy Halo but no wings who is "sent from above," dresses in a Little Black Dress , and is noted for her talents in song and dance. All Auction Buy it now. Sort: Best Match. Best Match. Gallery view. Hilarious, horrifying and heartbreaking by turns, this is everything you wanted to know—and more than a few things you didn't—about life on and off the hospital ward.

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