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Of course Jackson still succeeded, going as a starter while averaging He added another Now the Ravens and Jackson have had an entire offseason to prepare their scheme for his skill-set. Kyle Shanahan is a true talent-maximizer. Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen are both clear-cut third-round picks and Dalvin Cook is a second-round lock at worst.

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  • Our Experts’ Favorite Late-Round QB Targets in Fantasy Football.
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He did stumble down the stretch last season, but he faced a brutal late-year schedule that included at NE, at SEA and vs. CHI in three of the final five weeks. This season, the Vikings have the fourth-softest pass defense schedule, per SharpFootballStats. Of course, Cousins is annually one of the most prolific passers in terms of raw yardage dating back to his time in Washington.

And on DraftKings, the best part of rostering Cousins is the narrow target tree for stacking.

Our Experts’ Favorite Late-Round QB Targets in Fantasy Football

Diggs and Thielen combined for an outrageous Put your knowledge to the test. His season according to some was terrible last year. Despite this assumption, Kirk Cousins still finished with 4, yards 30 touchdowns and only threw 10 interceptions. During the first 13 weeks of the season, he was throwing the ball over 45 times per games. After the offensive coordinator shift and the team became more run-heavy those attempts went down to just over 27 per game. With Dalvin Cook supposedly healthy and Alexander Madison drafted to replace Latavius Murray , this downward trend would seem to be something which will continue.

Not so fast my friend.

Do Not Ignore These Late Round Fantasy QBs in - Fantasy Footballers Podcast

Adam Thielen fell off dramatically in the second half of last season. After starting as the number one fantasy receiver through eight weeks, he did not even crack the top receivers in the final half. After a full offseason of work, as well as the Vikings showing their belief in him with a new contract he would again get back into the conversation as a top receiver. He is right there alongside teammate Stefon Diggs. Both of these receivers are elite and will command 90 to catches each. Add to this the receiving chops of Dalvin Cook and last years stats for Cousins should be a floor. Even if he were to replicate his stats from last season, he finished as QB13 with points.

The fact he is a year older in the offense and a year more comfortable in Minnesota makes it crazy he has dropped to the QB20 in ADP. Taking him as your starting quarterback as the last pick in the 12th round is almost grand larceny. He has nowhere to go but up and unlike some other quarterbacks this low in the ranks, he has no chance of being benched.

The beauty of guaranteed money in a contract. The 12th round is a steal for his projected outcome. You should even be comfortable taking him much higher in the range of QB However, if the value is there why not wait and get him here while filling up on other positions. I will be honest.

SOS Beneficiaries

I am not a Lamar Jackson truther. I was that guy on twitter who said he would make a great wide receiver in the NFL in a few years when he was drafted. However, Baltimore loves him and is giving him the chance and therefore, I am willing to do so as well. With this baseline established, you can not ignore his running talent and his willingness to work this offseason to get better. He has worked with a number of different quarterback whisperers to fix his mechanics.

These players being added to the tight end duo of Hayden Hurst and Mark Andrews from last year's draft gives Jackson a young core to grow and get comfortable with. The passing could come together in But running is what we know will be there. Not only did Jackson add 20 pounds this summer in hopes of becoming stronger, but he also has the backing of John Harbaugh. If his coach is saying this then it may actually be true.

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Yes, coaches usually do not tell the truth in training camp. If he were going to lie about his quarterback, he would lessen the number of attempts. Not exaggerate. Of course, this could change. The Ravens are not as good as a whole this season as they were last season. The defense is weakened, and the offense is still just average. But if they want to win, it will be squarely on the legs and arm of Jackson.

Knowing he is the key to the entire offense in Baltimore, selecting him in the 12th round is worth it. If you want to back him up there are others later, you can do so with. A player like Josh Allen or even Sam Darnold is going later in drafts and can be used if needed. But whether you want him as part of a quarterback rotation on your team, or as your quarterback. He should provide you with some top weeks. And on those other weeks? He should still be topto and not kill you. We all know the stat.

Safe Late-Round Fantasy Quarterbacks - PFF

All are young with little experience in the NFL. Garappolo helped right the ship in San Francisco last year with a team that is expected to thrive this year. Goff had a great season on one of the most explosive offensive teams. Just because these guys are highly sought after does not mean you should not target them yourself. Just remember that if you do want them, they are going sooner rather than later.

Andrew Luck is also being perceived in an interesting way. It seems many believe that he will regain his dominance after a long rehabilitative hibernation, including those at ESPN. It should not be surprising that those who are not favored by the draft community are wily veterans like Philip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger, Alex Smith and Eli Manning.

All are in the twilight of their careers with Smith being the youngest at age Smith is coming off his best season to date, where he played like a first round pick for the first time in his career. It seems that many believe that last year was just an anomaly and are skeptical of him switching teams. Manning has never really had a banner season despite his good health and great cast. Last year was bad but so were his receiving options after Odell Beckham went down and Sterling Shepard was in and out of the line up.

12222 Fantasy Sleepers at Quarterback

Even though his offensive line appears to have improved, not to mention the Giants going out of their way to draft the most talented running back prospect ever in Saquon Barkley , many are still dubious. As for Rivers and Roethlisberger, two of the more consistent quarterbacks in the past ten years, the reasons seem more puzzling. These two are ready for the taking with many undervaluing their consistent play over the years.

Here are some draft strategies to consider when choosing your quarterbacks. I tend to draft four wide receivers, four running backs and one tight end before my quarterback. This might eliminate a few quarterbacks outside the elite eight but the majority will still be there.

Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.